Terms of Use

1. If you give any money to any third party or to hear, then the tatkal income team will not have any responsibilities

2. tatkal help Some of the money immediately takes away your account or any other means and gives

3. something to your referral and some of our charge remains in which we give you the chance to earn a short link.

4. If you are approved then pay us or else do not

5. This amount will not be refunded You can also work in free, which has some limit

6. And we only take money through cards and paytm, if you pay cash to someone, then you will be responsible for yourself.

7. If someone joins your referrer link and you are an unverified or inactive user, you will not get any benefit or referral amount.

8. For this, you must be an active primary user

9. We will not be responsible for any damage or loss

10. If you agree to the above given conditons then join it only

11. If you are not satisfied with our program then you can get a refund within one day, but you should not have received any payment from us, otherwise refund will not be done.